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Why Choose us?

Industry Focused CMS

ComplyBook’s CMS is a subscription based industry oriented compliance solution.

Powered By Technology

New age reliable technology solution that lets you scale with your compliance needs.

Data Security & Backup

Modern data privacy tools and robust protection of your account with daily backup.

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CMS Features

  • Manage and Track compliances for your business
  • Engage with our Compliance experts for your industry
  • Set reminders for renewal of compliance
  • Get notification of newly applicable compliances
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How it Works?

 Register your business

 Get list of compliances

 Manage compliances through:

  • Do it yourself from your team
  • Ask Client Compliance Managers (CCM)
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Bespoke Services

PFSAI Services

  • - Expert Consultation and Tracking
  • - Auditing in accordance with Food Safety Standards and Guidelines
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POSH Compliance

  • - Drafting of Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy
  • - Channelisation of Internal Committee
  • - Guidance on Complaint Handling Procedure
  • Read More

Legal Documentation & Contract Validation

  • - Drafting/Vetting of contracts & agreements
  • - Registration of documents
  • - Legal Liasoning
  • Read More
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Want to ask something
from us?

Who are Client Compliance Managers?

Client compliance managers are service providers including independent professionals, liasioning firms having expertise based on industry and proximity to geographical locations.

Do you provide Compliance services?

ComplyBook does not provide any compliance services, but it provides services like providing compliance management & tracking platform, list of CCM providers, payment Escrow services and other services as per your subscription plan.

What will happen after expiry of 1 month trial?

After your 1 months trial is expired you can view your all activities done during your trial period, however you can not add new data to your account. To continue adding details in your compliance you need to renew your subscription.

Is there any refund for cancellation of my subscription?

If you request for cancellation of your 12 months subscription, we will refund your fee on prorate basis for unused Consultation Credits & remaining Subscription duration.

We value our customers and believe in long term association with them.


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